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funded by the stronger together fund

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seated & kneeling inclusive paddleboarding project (SKIP)

The project will support people with a range of disabilities, medical conditions, and mental health challenges to access the amazing benefits of paddleboarding.

every body can paddle!  we will challenge the perception that you can only paddleboard if you are able to stand.  there are many ways to enjoy this activity and no-one should be discouraged or feel fearful about paddleboarding. 

We will challenge perceptions and promote paddleboarding from a seated or kneeling position using a range of bespoke foam support systems.

Photo OF SKIPE seat.jpg

bespoke support

Participants can try different seating and kneeling options to find out what works for them. Each system is modular and can be adapted to suit a participant’s individual requirements. Each support is made out of foam; making it light, soft on the skin and waterproof.


what will the session involve?

  • Each session will be run by a paddleboarding instructor with the support of volunteers who have experience supporting adaptive activities.

  • to make this a truly bespoke experience we will be working with a maximum of four people at a time

  • all paddlers will be asked to bring along the person they will be paddling with regularly

  • We will provide a range of different boards for you to try, alongside different paddles, buoyancy aids and wetsuits if required  

  • We recommend everyone brings the clothes they will paddle in, they need to keep you dry and warm

  •  a full change of clothing, sunscreen, hat and snacks and water will also be needed. this being the UK we need to be prepared for all eventualities!


what is the venue like?

  • We are based at Longham Lakes just south of Ferndown, the entrance is directly off Ringwood road and you access the site through the height restriction barrier (we can open this for you)

  • There is plenty of parking including two accessible parking spaces, with ramped access up to accessible changing facilities.

  • There is a level hard gravel path to the launch site (a distance of approximately 150m)

  • There is a gentle slope into the water

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