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dorset dunkers


“for those who are good at falling in”


What is SUPolo?
SUPolo is a cross between stand up paddleboarding and lacrosse, played on inflatable SUP boards in a swimming pool or outdoors.


Combining technical skill with the ability to fall in and recover to your feet quickly, SUPolo is for people who don’t mind getting wet!

Using custom SUP paddles, two teams of four battle for 5 minutes each way to keep possession of the ball, passing to each other, and ultimately attempting to score as many goals as possible. The main rule is you must be standing to play the ball.

Do you fancy a change from facing forward and paddling in a straight line? Then SUPolo is for you! Not only will you learn more technical skills and different balance points on your board, but you will laugh so hard you will fall in!


(Disclaimer: You will fall in a lot regardless of laughter). So bring your competitive side and your sense of humour and come to playSUPolo!

What do I need?
Before attending SUPolo you should be able to stand up and have some basic skills to control your board. You will need to be able to swim and self-rescue back onto your board (see above about falling in). A certain level of flexibility and ability to get up to standing from kneeling is required, as for safety around the pool edge we ask competitors to drop to their knees.

Bring clothes to get wet in, water and snacks, and any personal medication e.g. inhalers.

We will provide the balls, paddles and goals – check with us if you want to hire an inflatable board – 10’6’’ boards or smaller are best for manoeuvrability.

We will explain the rules and provide a verbal safety briefing before each session.

meet the dunkers!

Team Captain – Lesley the Awesome
The first day I got on a paddle board was the day I was introduced to SUPolo. The team at Blue Chip were playing after a ‘try SUP’ day and I thought it looked fun. After gingerly taking to the water for only the second time in my life I passed the ball around, enjoying myself so much I forgot how physics works and tried to throw the ball over my head while standing sideways on my board – needless to say I took a dunk in the Thames and came up laughing never to look back. SUPolo has been my winter love ever since and I’m excited to bring this
game to life in Dorset.

Sheila - aka Bambi
Sheila is the life and soul of the SUParty, always laughing and smiling, losing her balance and falling in! A perfect person for the team Sheila also coaches SUP from beginners to advanced across Dorset.


Elly – the Baker
SUPolo would not be complete without Elly’s fantastic baking! We’ve had lemon and ginger cake, flapjacks, and ‘to dive for’ cappuccino brownies – mmm! Elly is also steely brave in goal, not flinching one bit even when Bruce the Destroyer is aiming at her.

Golden Goal Gary
Gary is an incredible sport, competing in our second tournament having completed a 10km race at Head of the Dart the day before! As his name suggests, Gary is our top goal scorer, ruthlessly on target with his shots - when Gary is there, other teams beware!

A tactical player, Phil is our midfielder, always ready to go in for a tackle or drop back to defend. Mr Reliable, Phil is fearless about going in the water and (most importantly) taking others with him!

Our newest member of the Dunkers, Simon has taken to SUPolo like a ‘dunk’ to water. Somewhat baffled by his first game, Simon couldn’t believe how people could paddle their boards while facing backwards/sideways/upside down and quickly upped his skills to ensure he was ready for his first tournament.

Where would we be without our wonderful SUPporters and our driver? Richard is a superstar, organising a minibus to take us and our kit to the tournaments – and finding superb coffee stops along the way. Richard – you’re a legend!


Do you have more questions or do you fancy giving this a go? Get in touch with us!

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