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Find Your Flow - a weekend combining the power of life coaching and SUP

Ripple Rebels CIC were invited by Infinite Pathways to run Find Your Flow life coaching and SUP weekends. It’s a model that the amazing Jo has tested with other activities such as mountain biking. The combination of adventure, super skilled life coaching and a group of women supporting each other is so powerful.

It is incredible what can be achieved when you take some time just for you. These weekends are important in so many ways with moments of peace, emotion, clarity, togetherness, understanding and so much more.


One of our fabulous Find Your Flow women described how she would like to write more. These are Tammy’s beautiful words describing our SUP in Lulworth Cove:

Looking at the sunrise over the cove was magical, the paddleboards inflated on the beach while I listen to the waves gently lapping on the beach. I’m filled with an excited anxiety.

Will I be able to do it? Will I just keep falling off? Will I make a fool of myself?

All the what ifs and can I’s filling my head with negativity. I listen to the instructions while my legs wobble like a jelly, my negative thoughts pushing my feelings of joy to one side - pushing my happy place - the water - to the sidelines.

I make my way into the water - the board banging on my leg, the moment of calm comes over me as soon as I feel the cold water on my toes - some of those negative thoughts being replaced with a small amount of positivity.

I kneel on the board, paddle in my hands, making my way, into the crystal clear water, sun nesting down warming my body and freeing my mind.

Then the sense of fear as I stand on the board, the tears streaming down my face, my legs feeling like they can’t hold me upright - the ever presence of negativity taking over.

Then through the fear - a gentle reassuring voice, praising me, calming those fears, helping me to conquer the fears - jump off the board - know you can - know there is no shame.

Taking the plunge into the clear salty water let’s me know its ok - there’s no need to be afraid - I’m not a failure - the board, the paddle, the water - they are all one - they are all my happy place.

Back on the board - feeling the power I have now - feeling my confidence grow with each slice of the paddle into the water - floating as one with the board - floating as one with the water - feeling the gentle swell beneath my feet - feeling at peace.

An addition to my haven, an addition to my



Massive thanks to Tammy for sharing these words. Do get in touch for further information about these weekends, definitely follow the wonderful Jo Lee and the work

she is doing through Infinite Pathways and Find Your Flow.

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