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SUPolo competitions - Dorset Dunkers

Elly Joyce

October 2021 competition - The Dorset Dunkers first adventure out of the county

With about 10 practice sessions in Weymouth bay under our belt, the Dunkers headed to Guildford for the SUPolo world championship with a cheer squad and no real idea what to expect. Up to this point, we had been having a laugh in the sea and occasional 3 foot of swell to practice, so a swimming pool was a pleasant surprise to us!

We were up for the first match and we realised quickly how fast paced the competition is and the level of skill needed to turn 180° on your board whilst holding the ball. We worked hard and laughed a lot throughout, and shared Cake with all the other teams.

The other teams were really welcoming, and we picked up lots of tips and skills to go home and work on before our next competition, unfortunately no prize for the Dunkers this time.

March 2022 competition

The Dunkers returned to Guidford with more practice and training hours under our belt. We spent the winter working on our skills we’d seen the previous year, including ‘bounce shots’ and target practice in both the pool and on dry land sessions.

The Winters practice paid off and we fielded a more cohesive team and some new skills to really made the other teams work hard. Dunkers are always laughing and smiling, even when falling backwards of our boards!

We had a fab time, but unfortunately didn’t come home with a prize this time – so we’ll be back in October learning from all our previous experience and

with more practice!

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